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Kenton Zerbin

Over a decade ago I was a high school teacher passionately teaching the next generation of society, but everything changed when I asked myself “How are we really preparing students for life on earth?” Fast-forwarding to today, I now live in an off-grid tiny house I designed and built, and I teach internationally, helping others redefine down-to-earth living.

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El Capitan - Director - Executive Producer

Kyle Folk

I’m an out of the box thinker who will find a way to get things done. My background and experience in research & development, manufacturing, coaching, and as an athlete have equipped me with skills to accomplish whatever I’m passionate about. I completed my Engineering Design Technology diploma and my background in design and computer aided design (CAD) software compliments virtually any project that needs to be constructed. 

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Master Machinator - Design & Planning - Joker


I'm Deeksha! I moved from India to Canada a year ago and it's been a wild ride ever since. I am still learning to live in this weather and in this new culture. Back home in India I took a Bachelor in Chemistry and worked as a teacher. Coming to Canada, I realized I wanted to create my own business which brought me to NAIT. I look forward to broadening my skills in management, research, and technology. I love my family dearly, can cook up a feast for a king, and I dream of hiking trails. See you on the show!

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Promotions Manager - Researcher - Culinary Expert

Raveena Boparai

I am a team player (literally), I have been a competitive athlete for 16 years. My passion for sports taught me many hands on skills such as time management, teamwork, setting S.M.A.R.T goals and achieving those goals. This is exactly what my vision for this project is, to set goals and crush them. I wear the social media manager hat on this project which means I have the opportunity to get creative and bring my visions to life through many platforms.

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Social Media Manager

Amanda Keys

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General Manager - Systems Extraordinaire

If you are looking for someone to get things done, I am your girl. My passion for learning went from Biological Sciences into environmental technology, into being a Product Manager for a worldwide provider of rugged data systems. Add on doing a Bachelor of Technology including this tiny house project. I specialize in project management, software systems management, research, and training. My family is the most important thing to me. When not working and familying, you can find me playing games, camping, golfing, and home renovations. Add local beer. Add family.

Project Manager - Fly Fisher - Norweigan Elkhound Dog Mom

Ranessa Guo

I am an efficient multi-tasker and big-picture thinker who loves to be a part of a dynamic team! My background in rural healthcare has taught me how to be adaptable and effective under pressure, even when the unexpected happens. I am passionate about education and am always looking for opportunities to develop new skills. I'm excited to be a part of the tiny house movement! When I’m not working or studying, you can find me trying my hand at new dishes in the kitchen or fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains.


Former Electrician – History Enthusiast – Design, Planning, and Build

David Garrett

I want to learn everything about everything, and there is never enough time. My background is in the electrical trades, but my passion is history and learning. One of my favorite things to do is look at Scandinavian burial sites and build the wooden and metal artifacts found therein. I've worked my way through the Mästermyr find, the Gokstad find, and several others. I want my magnum opus to be a full-scale replia of the Sutton Hoo boat, or a long hall, or a hill fort, or a....

I have an associate of applied science degree, and I am currently working on my first bachelor's degree in NAIT's BTech Program.


Tour Manager - Organization Expert - Plant Aficionado 

Donalda Anderson

This is my second time around as a full-time student. Last time, I graduated from NAIT with an Office Administration Diploma. Then I worked at NAIT for 20 years. NAIT is a fantastic employer; even when they let you go, they provide retraining. Cue - why I'm here. I am analytical and have an eye for detail. My natural skill base revolves around organization, communication, self-motivation, and time management. I'm quirky, obsessive, and honest (sometimes, overly so). I visualize myself one day living in an a-bit-larger tiny house. I have 50 plants, my own apartment jungle, and they take up a tiny house worth of space themselves.


Marketing Coordinator - Content Developer - Photography Nerd

Lindsey Tran

I am a generalist with a background in project management, social media management, copywriting, photography, and knowledge management. Having been introduced to—and amazed by—the tiny house movement a few years ago, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the Tiny House Master Plan team. I'm eager to tell the story of this project, inspire our viewers, and learn to build an incredible tiny house! In my spare time, I enjoy film photography, watching travel vloggers, playing board games, going for patio beers, and relaxing with my family.


Director of Photography - Editor - Production Supervisor

Luke Boutilier

I was lucky enough to begin looking through a lens as early as grade seven, and loved it! Shooting to film in those days, and developing skills in the dark room, really set up an early understanding of the fundamentals of photography and a passion to always learn more. My experience over the last decade has ranged from short films, music videos, weddings, theatre promos, real estate, corporate

and not for profit work.

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I’m an award winning, freelance video editor based in Edmonton, Alberta. My range of experience includes narrative, corporate, documentary, and broadcast television projects. I’ve been part of several award-winning projects and in 2017 was awarded "Best Editor - Drama Under 30 Minutes", from the Alberta Media Production Industries Association. I have a passion for storytelling, a keen eye for detail, and strive to bring a fresh and unique voice to each

project I work on.

Web Designer - Assistant Editor - Super Sleuth

Weyme Teeter

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Gilbert Parent

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I have been entertaining in schools for 39 years sharing Canadian history, French culture, and my Metis ancestry. I am a shop teacher, an entertainer, and have an inner mad-scientist. My passion for tiny houses began as a teen with my sister and uncle. We spent our summers living in an off-grid tiny house discovering mice, chasing squirrels, and milking cows. I helped build a rustic tiny house which I air BnB on my 17 Acres retreat. Next up? I got my eyes on a tiny house village. 

Entertainer - Shop Teacher - Mad-Scientist

Steve Buijs

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When tiny homes popped up on the internet years ago I became intrigued. So intrigued that I decided to learn about all types of alternative housing through volunteer work and travel. I’ve since worked on several tiny houses, Earthship’s, strawbale homes, and even some tree forts all over the world. In 2016 I took the plunge and built my own tiny house that I have been comfortably calling home for the past 5 years. 

Tiny Houser - Traveller - Really Nice Guy

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Energy Integration Specialist - Gold Sponsor

Thomas Barr

Passionate about change, Thomas has based his career on making a positive impact and a resilient future for individuals, businesses, and whole communities. As a designer, an instructor, and a business owner, Thomas designs and constructs functional and efficient mechanical and electrical systems of any scale. This includes the design and implementation of energy modelling, GeoExchange, solar thermal, photovoltaic, and waste heat recovery systems. From concept to construction, Thomas is a solutions savant.

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Interior Designer - Gold Sponsor

Rhonda Brynko

I am an interior designer, artist, and photographer working in Edmonton, Alberta and I love my job! I take a hands on, personal, and really very unpretentious approach to helping you achieve the interior (and sometimes exterior) that you want to have and need to love. Finding your style can sometimes feel overwhelming, I can help you make what is daunting and conflicting, simple and cohesive.  My goal is always to help you find your style and make it a fantastic reality.

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